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Unleashing the Surprise in Their Panties

It took a long time for me to work up the nerve to start seeing a trans woman. It started out with me entertaining the idea of looking for ladyboys on Craigslist, but I know better than that. So then I considered planning a trip around it and paying for services. I couldn’t justify all that expense though. I ended up using a dating app and chatting with a couple Tgirls before moving forward with meeting one.

I wanted to be honest up front that I wasn’t looking for a committed relationship. For most, that seemed to be a turn off and the conversation ended there. But then one of the Asian ones replied that she wasn’t bothered by that so long as I treated her well. She seemed to accept that she was going to be fetishized by most and appreciated my honesty.

She was gorgeous. A total stunner. We had a nice dinner once I got over my nerves that someone might recognize me and realize my date had been born male. Afterwards, we went back to her place. Even knowing that this beautiful woman was going to have a cock, it still surprised me to see it once unleashed from her panties. It was an incredible rush. I saw her a few more times after that, but eventually things tapered off.

I got this 3-month discount of 39% off to Asian TS World yesterday, and the model named Dianne really reminded me of her. I wonder if she realizes just how much of an impact she made on me?