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Month: April, 2015

What do guys get from hookup sites?

Usually, when people think of hookup sites, they all think about experiencing the wildest sex.  This is the conventional wisdom.  This is, of course, absolutely correct.  If you’re looking for anonymous sex with women in your local area or in the greater area of your city, hookup sites can and will deliver.  You just have to put in the right amount of time.  Also, you have to play the game strategically.  If you’re able to get all these things going, you will hookup.  At the very least, you will fuck more women than you normally do.


The great thing about online anonymous sex dating is that it brings a lot of consistency to your personal efforts at chasing down and fucking pussy.  With that said, don’t settle for these bare benefits.  These are just bare benefits.  This is like the obvious shit.  You have to remember that online adult hookup websites bring a lot more benefits to the table.  They enable you to overcome your shyness.  They enable you to set a goal and do whatever is needed for how long it takes to achieve that goal.  Do you see where I’m coming from?


These are skill sets that can payoff tremendously in all areas of your life.  The more you look at  your fears straight in the eye and overcome it, the more emboldened you will be.  You will be emboldened to punch over your weight class when it comes to women.  If you’re the type of guy that normally attracts dumpy or unattractive women, thanks to free hookup sites, you can try your luck at better-looking women.  The more successful you are with good-looking women, the higher your standards become and guess what?  You end up fucking higher-quality pussy.  That’s how it works.


It’s all about your confidence level.  The good news is you can take this increased confidence in yourself and your capabilities and apply it to all areas of your life.  You can quit your crappy dead-end job and find a higher paying job.  You can develop better relationships with your family.  You can earn better respect from people around you.  Make no mistake about it, a high level of self-confidence is the currency of success on, not just in the world of sex, but in life in general.