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Month: November, 2018

Looking For A New Ladyboy Site?

Sometimes it can be really frustrating trying to find a niche-specific quality porn site. Back in the dial-up days, you’d need a few days just to find anything worthwhile due to the lack of content (and shitty broadband speeds). But today it’s still difficult due to too much content. Maybe it’s a good problem to have too much of a good thing, but it’s still a problem.

Have you taken a look at It’s basically the easiest way to locate your pervy needs online. This was a lifesaver for me when I discovered my new obsession with Ladyboy porn. I could find the top-rated sites and check them out for myself. So far BigPornList has been on-point. They really do have the top shemale, and every other category you could think of.

Right now the top-listed ladyboy adult site is called Ladyboy Gold. If you like chicks with dicks then you’ve got to see this review. It might give you a brand new naughty addiction. Click here for a discount link to Ladyboy Gold.


Well I am Stunned!

For the sake of perspective it might be necessary for me to mention that I am a heterosexual male and while I have fetishes like anyone else, well perhaps a tough more than average, none of my sexual interests blur the lines of heterosexuality, it simply does nothing for me. I am a hot blooded male.

I am also open minded though or at least I would like to believe so and as such I am not one of those guys who take offence or feel threatened somehow by homosexuality or any non-heterosexuality. I thus have no issue to tell you this this is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen.

His/her (I don’t care for PC pronouns so I just don’t know any better) name is Newhalf Miran and apparently Japanese but I honestly can’t see that. I’m not disputing it, just saying that I can’t see anything that even resembles Japanese to me.

While doing a little research on this remarkable human being I also found that you can get 24% off Transex Japan with this discount on 3-month memberships and thought I’d let those know who might be interested.