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I Bet You Never Saw This Coming

I have this friend that has traveled all around the world. I love it when he comes back from trip because he always tells the best stories. He’s also quite promiscuous sexually. Most of his stories are about the women from around the globe he’s had sex with. He’ll tell me all about the different sexual positions and rituals when it comes to love making. I never know if he’s telling the truth or just making shit up but it’s still fun to hear.

He recently went on a trip to Asia. He called from the airport and told me he had the best story to tell me. As soon as I picked him up he started in on it. He apparently met some hot girl in a remote village and charmed her. They went back to his place to have sex and she had a dick. I’m familiar with trannys but apparently he wasn’t. He was so amazed. I told him to get the 73% discount to Hello Ladyboy and he could have all the hot Asian tranny porn he wanted.