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Lamar had been working in the pool business for a while but he had never run in to anything like Sandra before. He was going about his business cleaning out the pool and then she came outside and jumped in the pool. He only saw her out of the corner of his eye but when she came up for air he realized that she wasn’t wearing a top and he could see her perky boobz! He knew that beautiful soon she was going to notice his boner but he had a feeling that she wouldn’t mind and he was right!

Lamar watched as she swam over to him and told him to strip and lay beside the pool. Looking around Lamar made sure that no one else was watching and he did as she said. Before he knew it she had her warm lips wrapped around his humongous penis and she was going to town. Lamar couldn’t believe how excellent her mouth felt around his cock but he had no idea that Sandra was hiding a secret of her own down between her legs! As she sucked his large rod her own transsexual sausage started to get harder and harder!

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