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Rather Give Me The Poisoned Apple

So now I know that the name of the evil witch that gave Snow White the poisoned apple is Katelyn since that’s the name the freak in this picture is giving himself.

Yup, you can “she” me all you want, if it has a penis it’s a he: the end.

The guy lying there has a lot more guts than I do that’s for sure, if I caught site of that abomination I’d be out of there. I would not give it half a chance to get a hand on my dick and there is also no chance that I’d have a hard-on. The site of that might nullify even the strongest of old man’s performance pills I bet.

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Well I am Stunned!

For the sake of perspective it might be necessary for me to mention that I am a heterosexual male and while I have fetishes like anyone else, well perhaps a tough more than average, none of my sexual interests blur the lines of heterosexuality, it simply does nothing for me. I am a hot blooded male.

I am also open minded though or at least I would like to believe so and as such I am not one of those guys who take offence or feel threatened somehow by homosexuality or any non-heterosexuality. I thus have no issue to tell you this this is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen.

His/her (I don’t care for PC pronouns so I just don’t know any better) name is Newhalf Miran and apparently Japanese but I honestly can’t see that. I’m not disputing it, just saying that I can’t see anything that even resembles Japanese to me.

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As Good as it Gets

I’m not a horror movie person and while I don’t particularly enjoy the sight of blood I don’t get that awkward sensation from it in horror movies like I do if I watch a medical documentary and it must be that it doesn’t bother me when I know it’s fake.

You know those scenes in demonic type horrors though where someone, almost always a little girl would have her elbows and knees bend the wrong way and then crawl upside down like some fucked up four legged spider? It couldn’t be more fake than that but that freaks me out so bad.

The extreme contradiction to what’s natural visually overwhelms me and that is the best I can describe how transsexual porn makes me feel. This pic didn’t do that at all though and that woman is in fact so perfect I find it almost impossible to believe she’s hiding a dick up that guy’s ass.

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They call it Tranny Surprise

But I beg of you, how can it be a surprise when you’ve already led with “Tranny”. Now you know she’s packing cock before even giving her the chance to ambush you.

Perhaps it is actually a polite way of saying ‘warning’. Kind of in the way ‘surprise buttsex’ is dark humour for sodomy.

I’d say that it didn’t matter since you can clearly spot the difference between pussy and dick through the clothing,  if it wasn’t for the techniques I have heard and read about to conceal the surprise that is.

Apparently tucking the dick under the nutsack and taping it there to keep it in position is not uncommon.

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Asian Shemales Sport Their Tits and Cocks

Have you ever wondered if a shemale gymnast could titty-fuck itself, or is it just me?

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