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They call it Tranny Surprise

But I beg of you, how can it be a surprise when you’ve already lead with “Tranny”. Now you know she’s packing cock before even giving her the chance to ambush you.

Perhaps it is actually a polite way of saying ‘warning’. Kind of in the way ‘surprise buttsex’ is dark humour for sodomy.

I’d say that it didn’t matter since you can clearly spot the difference between pussy and dick through the clothing,  if it wasn’t for the techniques I have heard and read about to conceal the surprise that is.

Apparently tucking the dick under the nutsack and taping it there to keep it in position is not uncommon.

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Have you ever wondered if a shemale gymnast could titty-fuck itself, or is it just me?

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Dream Makes Yours Come True While Sucking Cock

There’s no need to slap yourself in the face guys, you’re not dreaming! You can of course sit back and relax while this Asian stunner who just happens to be called Dream gives her man the best fucking blowjob he’s ever had. This girl is really sweet and sassy. She has that sexy look about her and you just know that you’ll always be in for a goodtime with her. That fishnet outfit that she is wearing is almost as tempting as her smoking hot ass.

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